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House Beers


We put a slightly American twist on a classic Vienna Lager to make what we’re calling an “Every Day Beer.” The beer has hints of toasted bran, with a touch of malt sweetness balanced by a slightly heavy handed use of delicate noble hops to finish crisp and keep you coming back for more. We hope you just say, “Gimme a Lager.”

ABV: 4.8% IBU: 28

Coffee Infused Irish Red

The name says it all, it’s a beer with a hint of a coffee pick me up. We started with an Irish Red Ale and paired it with specially selected coffee from local sensation Limelight Coffee Roasters. The combination gives you beautiful dark chocolate & coffee hints on the nose, before the two elements dance together on the palate to give you equal parts beer and coffee. This is Round Town Brewery’s all day, every day, YEAR ROUND coffee beer!

ABV: 5.2% IBU: 23

Pale Ale

An updated version of a Midwestern Pale. We used an abundance of American hops to give the aroma of dried orange and earthy apricot. While the rich grainy malt character acts as the perfect backbone to compliment the crisp hoppy deliciousness.

Happy face was made to be an evolved version and tribute to the great American Pale Ales that started this wonderful craft beer scene 30+ years ago. It’s named in honor of one of the brewery’s dearest friends and biggest supporters.

ABV: 5.8% IBU: 50

West Coast style IPA

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simcoe, stupid!) features Simcoe and Crystal hops. Every aspect of this beer works to showcase the tropical, citrusy aroma and favor coming from the hops. A slight hint of grassy bitterness keeps the sweetness of the malt in check and keeps your taste buds craving another sip.

ABV: 7.2% IBU: 80

Current Special Releases

Golden Ale

CLEAN, CRISP, & REFRESHING. Every brewery uses those three words to describe their beer at some point, so at Round Town we tried to avoid it. The problem is, that’s exactly what this Golden Ale is, CLEAN, CRISP, & REFRESHING. Grab a pint and think fondly of a cool breeze on a warm patio!

ABV: 4.8% IBU: 19

English Mild

Angle Juice…Respawned is the first official collaboration between Sun King and Round Town Brewery. Not only is this Americanized English Mild perfect for everyday drinking, but it’s designed to be a performance booster to “*Bar Gamers” everywhere. Back in the 60’s, Florida scientists created Gatorade to aid athletic performance. Today the mad scien- tists at the head of Round Town and Sun King feel they’ve created the ultimate aid to help you see all the angles and take your gaming to the next level. As anyone who’s ever competed in a bar knows, one drink makes you good but two makes you legendary…

To properly Americanize this style, we started with a toasty and dry malt base with a subtle hint of dark chocolate. The beautifully dry malt base helps to showcase the spicy hop profile. You get hints of coriander, sage, and earthiness to go with subtle notes of fresh mandarin oranges. Go grab a pint and get your game on!

*I was told by my superiors that I couldn’t use this description without explaining exactly what a “Bar Gamer” is. It’s quite simple, if you’ve ever picked up a pool que, thrown a dart, swung a ping pong paddle, deftly maneuvered a foosball up the playing field, handled a joystick or a steering wheel on a video game, properly timed a flipper to keep the silver ball alive, or played a board game, you, my friend, qualify as a “Bar Gamer.” Now quit asking questions, I think it’s your turn.

ABV: 3.7% IBU: 40

English Porter

The namesake of this delicious beer, Blue Dog Porter, is our favorite bar-back here at Round Town Brewery.  He works hard to patrol the grounds and make sure you’ve always got a smile on your face. Porter refuses to accept tips, but if you occasionally give him a scratch behind the ears or a pat on the belly, he’s going to love you as much as we love him!

The beer itself is a classic example of an English porter. On the nose it comes across as a large brown ale, with hints of dark Swiss chocolate. Once you take a sip the beer explodes with flavors of a dry, bready, dark chocolate. Try one at your favorite watering hole, or stop in to enjoy a pint while Porter keeps you entertained!

ABV: 5.6% IBU: 31

Hoppy Wheat

Jerry’s interpretation of the modern American style hoppy wheat. Modern hops give it a tropical fruit nose with just a hint of earthy spice. The slightly hazy wheat body really allows those hops to shine.

ABV: 5.6% IBU: 38

Gone for now, but not forever

Belgian Amber

Stray Monk starts off by showing the classic characters of a Belgian Trappist Single, but adds a touch more caramel and nutty flavors from our use of additional caramel malts. I like to think of this as a beer made by a young monk who got a little experimental when the boss wasn’t looking.

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 23


98 Stout is a bold American stout that’s a mouthful of fun. It has hints of dark chocolate, roasted malt, and a touch of cascade hops. The beer finishes clean and dry to keep your mouth watering for another sip. We certainly didn’t reinvent the stout, but we definitely made a nice one!

ABV: 6.1% IBU: 50